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From all appearances ethereal Sara Ivy has the perfect life. She has a wealthy husband who professes to adore her and a much envied position in society. Appearances, however, can be and usually are deceiving, making tabloid reporter Nash Audubon determined to dig up some dirt on Mrs. Ivy.

After crashing one of Sara's society functions, Nash is somewhat disconcerted to find that in person, she appears more fragile and otherworldly than he expects. But her apparent snub of Nash during the party fuels his anger and makes her the target of his next photo expos. Two pictures are carefully spliced together on the cover of the tabloid Shoot the Moon and it appears that Mrs. Ivy could be having an affair.

Only Sara knows the true horror behind her suffocating marriage. Enraged at the photos, Donovan Ivy first takes out his brutal frustration on Sara, then hires thugs to beat up and discourage Nash.

Despite their different stations and outlooks on life, a tentative relationship begins to form between Sara and Nash. They are playing with fire, however, for Donovan's possessive and vicious behavior threatens both their lives and their love.

With each new book Teresa Weir continues to develop the compelling and lyrical writing style that has made her such a powerful author. LONGNIGHTMOON vividly explores the tender relationship between tortured and damaged souls who have all but lost the ability to love. (Apr., 343 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith