Image of The Long Quiche Goodbye (Cheese Shop Mystery)


Image of The Long Quiche Goodbye (Cheese Shop Mystery)

This book has it all - food, mystery and murder. Charlotte is a charming heroine who keeps her composure even as her plan to clear her grandmother’s name is constantly interrupted by mundane family matters and a rocky love life. The reader will be enchanted with Aames’ characters and will want to visit Providence, Ohio to stop by the cheese shop and hear stories from Grand-pere.

The grandparents who raised Charlotte Besette have just given her their cheese shop, Fromagerie Bessette, to manage. During the grand re-opening, Charlotte’s unscrupulous landlord is murdered with a knife from the shop. Charlotte’s grandmother is accused of the crime and while (almost) nobody in town is convinced that the elderly women did it, they can’t seem to prove she didn’t and that’s when Charlotte steps in to help find the real killer. (Prime Crime, July, 336 pp., $7.99 )

Reviewed by: 
Morgan Doremus