For years Cullen Mackenzie has been working towards two goals: becoming a highly successful businessman, and marrying Whitney Sheridan. Cullens single-minded pursuit of both goals is tied to the tragic accidental death of his younger brother Teague.

It was Teague who was in love with Whitney and scheduled to be the businessman; Cullen was to follow in his fathers footstep working on the Mackenzie Horse Farm. But life didnt turn out quite as planned, and now billionaire Cullen is returning home to Virginia to finally become engaged to Whitney.

Ever since childhood, Samantha Lark, Whitney, Teague and Cullen had been best friends. Samantha truly wants to help Cullen win the mercurial Whitneys hand. Whitneys beauty is legendary, and she knows her powershes not about to let Cullen win her hand easily.

Jealousy may be just the tool to get under Whitneys skin, so Cullen & Samantha devise a plan make Whitney jealous of Samantha. Considering Samanthas obsession with horses and lack of interest in clothes, everyone is stunned by her breathtaking transformation. The plan seems to be working, but there is just one problem, Samantha suddenly finds herself falling in love with her buddy Cullen. Has she opened herself up to heartbreak? How can anyone compete with both guilt and the stunning Whitney?

Combining a touch of My Best Friends Wedding with a dash of Sabrina adds up to an extraordinary story filled with humor and touching emotions. Ms. Martin moves up to the big leagues with this outstanding book. (Sep., 336 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith