A constant favorite, Diana Palmer uses a trio of short stories to illustrate A LONG TALL TEXAN SUMMER. All three tales take place in Jacobsville, Texas, among a group of acquaintances and friends.

Tom Walker's horrific childhood has made him wary of relationships. His father's obsession regarding sex scarred Tom, causing his only sexual experience to end badly. Tom has always regretted how his relationship with Elysia Craig ended, but her disappearance prevented any explanation. That is until Tom moves to Jacobsville and discovers Elysia and her young daughter Crissy. Can they work it out the second time around?

Doctor Drew Morris is not ready to let go of memories of his late wife. While his practice is thriving, his private life has been frozen in time. To his dismay, Drew's unlikely new receptionist, Kitty Carson, begins to awaken feelings and emotions that Drew thought long gone.

Sandy Regan and Jobe Dodd have been snarling and snapping at each other for years. As the foreman of Sandy's brother's ranch, Jobe has watched Sandy grow into an independent, feisty woman. Jobe's past experiences with independent women have left him bitter, causing him to strike out verbally at Sandy. These two are like oil and water-can they ever mix?

Diana Palmer fans can look forward to three prime examples of her patented blend of drama and emotion. (June, 330 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith