Image of A Long Time Gone (New American Library)


Image of A Long Time Gone (New American Library)

White’s latest unforgettable page-turner features a murder-mystery masterpiece from the past that lures and captivates the reader. Her colorful narrative is melodious and haunting, and gives a Tennessee Williams-like aura to the awesomely depicted places and all of her impeccably played and fantastic characters. Brava!

When there’s no place left to run, like generations of Walker women before her, Vivien Walker eventually finds her way back to Indian Mound, Miss. — back to the family, wounds, regrets and boy she left behind. She’s come back to the home that’s lovingly housed her family for hundreds of years looking for solace, but it’s buried bones, secrets and a heap of unfinished business she finds instead. Is she strong enough to face all her demons? (NAL, Jun., 432 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt