Finally, the conclusion to the Secret Refuge trilogyor is it? Jesselynn Highwood has enough troubles with her weary group to worry about a wagon master who doesnt know what hes doing. Eventually, she decides they must split from their group, leaving the wagon master to take a short cut Wolf warned her was unsafe. Now, without a leader, she heads out to try and find Wolf, hoping he will guide them. When she finds Wolf, Jesselynn discovers that he was preparing to search her out as well and that he had more on his mind than her safetyher hand in marriage.

Meanwhile, back in Richmond, Zachary is having a difficult time, overpowered by his consumption of alcohol. When Louisa and Zach are on another trip for much-needed medicine, they are arrested. Only a pardon from President Lincoln can save them now.

As a reviewer, reading about fifteen books a month, I detest series books that are not stand-alone, especially if I cant remember what happened in the last book. So, while Ms. Snelling writes a captivating story, it takes too long to get back into it and the ending seemed to be wrapped up too quickly. (June, 288 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston