In her first novel, Wendy Lindstrom explored the Shades of Honor. Now she examines the varying shades of love in an emotionally powerful and hearttugging story.

After his brother marries the woman who had been his fiancée, Kyle Grayson buries himself in running the family mill. When it appears that family friend Tom Drake is betraying his trust, Kyle confronts him. Shortly thereafter, Tom collapses and dies, leaving Kyle feeling responsible.

Schoolmarm Amelia Drake has long ago given up her dreams of marriage. But circumstances following her father's death place Amelia and Kyle in a compromising situation, and Kyle proposes out of honor and guilt.

Their union has more than the usual forced marriage problems to overcome, since both Amelia and Kyle have secrets in their pasts that could destroy any hope they might have to make their marriage work. At the appearance of Kyle's childhood friend, a man who once ruined Amelia's life, deep and painful secrets are forced into the open, allowing wounds to heal.

Readers who enjoy deeply emotional reads will find THE LONGING impossible to put down. The dark and brooding nature of the hero and the horrible pain Amelia carries are very real, but it is the surprising plot twist that makes this a fresh and innovative read. It delineates Lindstrom as one of romance's finest Americana writers. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin