Image of Longing for Home


Image of Longing for Home
LONGING FOR HOME (4) by Kathryn Springer: Kate Nichols is preparing for her best friend Abby Porter’s wedding. Abby runs a small B&B, in stark contrast to the hotels her brother, Alex, runs in Chicago. Alex is all business and believes Kate is wasting her abilities by working at a small café. This leads to tension between Kate and Alex when Abby asks them to run the B&B while she is on her honeymoon. While Alex has never had much time for God, Abby and Kate have. How will Alex respond when he starts to notice God at work in his life? Even if it happens unwillingly, changes do occur when we allow God into our lives. The romance develops at a believable pace and will leave readers smiling.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee