Witches, exotic settings, demons, magic, vampires and sex all combine
to make this an explosive, sensual
story. Boyett–Compo's details are
clear and very well imagined, and
her characters are well drawn. The
multiple storylines are skillfully drawn together.

Warrior lord Riel Evann-Sin, high commander of Akkadian forces, meets witch Tamara Naibril in a tavern. Riel and Tamara recognize one another as true partners, but Riel fights with another of the Daughters of the Dark, and the witch's revenge is swift and terrible, leaving him to die.

Kaibyn Zafeyr is an ancient demon brought to life by a lonely woman. Feeling as though he's betrayed her, she seals him in a coffin. Now, thanks to the magi, both Riel and Kaibyn are able to be resurrected.

Cainer Cree was imprisoned on the Isle of Uaigneas for centuries. Now all four characters are brought together to help prevent a great war from taking place, led by a woman who dreams of reigning over mankind.

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Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor