Image of Look-Alike Lawman (Love Inspired)


Image of Look-Alike Lawman (Love Inspired)
LOOK-ALIKE LAWMAN (4) by Glynna Kaye: Policeman Grayson Wallace meets first-grader Corey Lopez at Career Day. Corey’s father was a cop and Corey is drawn to Grayson, but Corey’s mother, Elise, is not thrilled with the newfound friendship. She has no interest in getting close to another cop. Grayson is busy trying to unravel family secrets, as he recently learned he has siblings that he was not aware of. Corey’s world has also been turned upside down, and he is in need of a positive role model. Will they be able to help each other? And can Grayson penetrate Elise’s tough exterior? Kaye does a great job of putting the reader in the characters’ shoes and allowing them to feel their struggles in this fourth entry in the Texas Twins series. Readers new to the series may want to start at the beginning, to truly understand the family dynamics.
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Leslie McKee