Image of The Look of Love (Piper Donovan/Wedding Cake Mysteries)


Image of The Look of Love (Piper Donovan/Wedding Cake Mysteries)

Piper Donovan, professional cake decorator, actress and amateur sleuth, is back. A multilayered plot filled with murder, a taste of jealousy and a healthy dose of madness and mistaken identity is frosted liberally with a rich confection of humor and romantic suspense.

Piper Donovan gets a call to create a wedding cake and stay, all expenses paid, at the exclusive spa Elysium from the owner’s daughter, Jillian Abernathy. Jillian has already had to postpone her wedding once when someone disfigured her maid in an acid-tossing event that may have been meant for Jillian. Before the maid can identify her attacker, she is hideously murdered and, as Jillian’s wedding gets closer, the attacks escalate until no one is safe within the spa’s walls. To survive long enough to decorate the cake, Piper is going to have to learn who has a grudge against Jillian that’s big enough to kill for. (MORROW, Jan., 320 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper