With her most spellbinding and adventurous book to date, Patti Berg invites readers to join the excitement and follow Morgan and Kate as they battle evil and time itself. Great fun!

Morgan Farrell aka Blackheart the Pirate knew he was going to die, but by god he was going to take his arch-nemesis Thomas Low with him. As the two battle fiercely through storm-swept seas, Morgan falls overboard. Instead of drowning, Morgan washes up on the shore of his own tiny island off the coast of Florida. To his horror, his retreat is a burnt out ruin. In fact nothing looks like it should. Injured and weary, Morgan discovers two intruders, a mother and daughter, wearing the most outlandish costumes.

Widowed Kate Cameron's six year old daughter, Casey, claims Morgan as her own pirate, and insists they take him back to St. Augustine with them.

The storm has thrown Morgan hundreds of years into the future. Despite his growing attachment to Kate and Casey, Morgan knows he must return to his own time to finish his battle with the evil Thomas Low.

But Thomas has also made the journey through time. Unless Morgan can stop him, Thomas will have a new century to wreak havoc upon.

(Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith