Image of Looking for Yesterday (Sharon Mccone Mysteries)


Image of Looking for Yesterday (Sharon Mccone Mysteries)

PI Sharon McCone is back, following leads around San Francisco and various other Northern California environs. References to past incidents — without the full backstory — remind us that this is part of a series. The mix of Sharon’s investigative team, witnesses and supporting characters, combined with the slightly meandering mystery plot, will keep you entertained.

Caro Warwick, who was acquitted of her best friend’s murder but deemed guilty by the media, appeals to Sharon to find the truth so that Caro can write a tell-all book with a famous true-crime author. When Caro is brutally beaten and left to die on Sharon’s doorstep, Sharon continues the investigation. As more bodies start piling up, Sharon is in danger while she unravels the mystery that someone will kill to keep covered up. (GRAND CENTRAL, Nov., 304 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan