Image of On the Loose (Steele Street, Book 7)


Image of On the Loose (Steele Street, Book 7)

Those sizzling, sexy men of SDF are back and up to their usual tricks. Janzen picks up where her Crazy series left off, this time adding three levels of plot arcs that weave through the story. Packed with intriguing characters with dubious motives, the story is rife with nonstop action.

Special Defense Forces agent C. Smith Rydell has a big problem with two very different women. The first is deadly Irena Polchenko, who he thought was dead, and the second one is the very alive socialite Honey York. The CIA needs Smith to cope with a situation in South America. Guerrilla leader Diego Garcia is holding a group of nuns, including Honey's sister Julia, as well as a crashed CIA plane and its secrets. Honey is supposed to help deliver the money and goods necessary to retrieve CIA secrets.

Smith and Honey are to rendezvous with drug smuggler Alejandro Campos, who will take them to Garcia. Murphy's Law seems to be in effect though, and there is the small problem of Irena and her assassin stalking them. (DELL, Nov., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith