Image of Loose and Easy (Steele Street)


Image of Loose and Easy (Steele Street)

Sexual tension crackles
and snaps between this
sizzling pair. Crossing
and double-crossing is on most of the characters' agendas, which keeps the
pace fast and the action sharp. The
genuine affection between Johnny and Esme makes their reignited relationship all the more fun to watch. Janzen's
place in the romantic suspense
pantheon is assured.

Back in high school, Esme Alden and Johnny Ramos had an aborted encounter in the backseat of a souped-up car. Now, just back from Afghanistan and waiting to hear if he will be joining the SDF team, Johnny is shocked to see Esme in full hooker regalia. P.I. Esme has one shot to get the money needed to bail out her father from a ruthless bookie, and that means "recovering" a stolen piece of artwork.

Persistent Johnny won't back off, so Esme reluctantly accepts his assistance. When thugs try to snatch Esme prior to the promised debt payoff, she knows that things have gotten a lot more dicey. There are too many dangerous players in this game, but Esme is not one to back down. Having Johnny at her back certainly won't hurt either. (DELL, Sep., 406 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith