Newspaper reporter Josie Dawson is hiding behind her youth, her opinions, her stubbornness and her sharp tongue… be it verbally or in print. Her news stories are usually biting, biased and liberal in their political stance. When Josie is assigned the task of interviewing Judge Benjamin Braddock, she goes about it in her usual way: decides what type of person he is and then conducts the interview.

What she does not anticipate is her very strong attraction to him. Benjamin is also "in hiding." After a horrible marriage and subsequent disastrous relationships, he has a tough time dealing with his attraction for a woman young enough to be his daughter— and who does not share his political views or his taste in music.

Although they seem to be complete opposites they learn to trust, to love and to communicate with each other… something that neither one was accustomed to doing. Teresa McClain-Watson did a superb job weaving Josie and Benjamin's differences into the story, subliminally corroborating the adage that "loose lips sink ships." (May, 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims