Ginger Petrocelli thought she was happy. It seemed like she had everything she could ever want. Then her fiancé leaves her at the altar, she loses her job (because her boss is murdered!) and then on top of it all, she is kicked out of her apartment.

Ginger thinks that it can't get any worse…that is, until she realizes she is going to have to move in with her mother to survive. Her hippie, eccentric, exasperating mother. What Ginger thought was going to be the worst move of her life just might turn out to be the best when her mother forces her to reevaluate her choices and priorities. Ginger begins a journey that she never thought possible.

LOOSE SCREWS is filled with lovable characters and their hilarious quirks. At times I did think Ginger whined a bit too much, but she certainly redeems herself in the end. This is a fun book and a perfect beach read. (Sep., 288 pp., 12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer