Image of The Lord and the Wayward Lady


Image of The Lord and the Wayward Lady

Allen’s tale of deception and revenge begins with a strong premise. The plot brings together seemingly unrelated characters, slowly building suspense until you’ll easily guess the villain’s identity and the story becomes ordinary.

When milliner’s assistant Nell Latham innocently delivers a package containing a plaited silk rope to Lord Stanegate, she becomes entangled in a family’s dark secret. After his father opens the parcel and collapses, Marcus Carlow, Lord Stanegate, follows Nell. A shooting forces Nell to escort him home and stay there. After hearing his family name and reading her mother’s diary, Nell pieces together the tangled relationship her family has with Lord Stanegate. Even though dark secrets and the specter of a killer stalk them, Nell and Marcus fall in love. They strive to catch a murderer and free themselves from the past. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 280 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin