In the ingenious sequel to The Forest Lord, Krinard brings back the magic and enchantment of a world that is simultaneously romantic fantasy and reality. Writing with profound love for creatures great and small, Krinard delves into her characters motivations, creating stories you care about, people
you adore and books to hold close
to your heart.

Because of the enchanted blood Donal Fleming has inherited from his father, he has the ability to communicate with animals, making him an ideal veterinarian, but a man uncomfortable in the world of mortals.

Cordelia Hardcastle tries to control her desire to escape the restraints of society and gain the freedom she craves. Her love for animals is what draws her to Donal the day she tries to protect one of the zoo creatures and he comes to the rescue.

Together they strive not only to understand the beasts of world, but to rescue an urchin whose connection to Donal's other world lures them into danger, passion and the realization of Donal's true gift for compassion and love. (HQN, Oct., 440 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin