A sparkling new talent debuts with a vivacious duel of hearts in which the tons most eligible bachelor falls in love with a spirited country miss.

Their initial meeting is far from orthodox. When a secret rendezvous to obtain information about a traitor goes awry, Lord Giles Carlton, man about town and part-time spy, finds himself on the run with a wounded youth, only to discover that his companion is a woman, and a feisty one at that.

Miss Roma Allendyle has no interest in marriage. She will, however, do whatever is required to find her missing brother, even if it means going to London ostensibly for the Season in order to discover his whereabouts. Even the help of the arrogant lord who once before rescued her from danger is acceptable.

Piqued by the ladys seeming immunity to his charms and his growing admiration for her gallant spirit, Carlton must find a way to rescue her brother and convince her that marriage to him would be far more appealing than life as a spinster.

Ms. Raleigh takes a delightful first step on the Regency stage, creating immensely appealing characters in a charming period confection. (Feb., 249 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer