Image of Lord of Danger


Image of Lord of Danger

Lady Alys of Summerslegde would do anything to save her beautiful sister, Claire, from an unwanted marriage, even marry the "bone-cracking, blood-sucking monster," the wizard Simon of Navarre.

An ex-Crusader, a warrior and a knight, Simon has learned much in the East, most of which he uses to convince others, like Richard, Alys' brother, that he is a magician, a lord of darkness and alchemy. Simon is a scarred man, whose injured hand reflects his wounded soul. He no longer believes in good or hope, until he meets plain little Alys.

Though she is no great beauty, Alys possesses intelligence and a hidden passion that intrigues Simon, who chooses her as his bride. He woos her in his special way, and though frightened, Alys sees the extraordinary man within.

Yet Alys has no way of knowing that she, Claire and Simon are pawns in her half-brother's game of treason. Caught in a heinous plot, Alys discovers Simon's true magic and her own strength.

Anne Stuart is an expert craftsman and in LORD OF DANGER she conjures remarkable characters and a wondrous love story that is truly magical. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin