Image of Lord of the Deep (Elementals, Book 1)


Image of Lord of the Deep (Elementals, Book 1)

Thompson's well-crafted prose brilliantly captures life -- and sex -- under water, and makes the different sensations and solutions to such problems as breathing completely believable. The heroine is strong, feisty and easy to identify with, and the sex scenes are sure to satisfy! But the plot relies too much on outside forces and situations acting upon the hero and heroine and not enough on their personal differences.

Meg had no idea she'd magically summoned the selkie Simeon, Lord of the Deep, with her tears and her sexual fantasies. Now that he's broken selkie custom and fallen in love with her, all she can think of is that she must leave him forever. After all, he's immortal and must live in the sea, and she is human and tied to the land. But both Meg and Simeon seem to inspire loyalty in all who know them, and with their help,all may not be lost. (aphrodisia, Sep., 304 pp., $12.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes