Twenty-three years old, Gretchen Brannon has never left her home state of Texas. Her only real relationship had been with a man who was using her. When the chance arises to travel with her best friend to Tangiers, she jumps at it.

Once in Tangiers, however, an emergency sends her friend home and Gretchen contemplates going to Qawi as personal assistant to the ruling Sheikh in her friends place. While she debates taking part in the charade, Gretchen meets a man who sweeps her off her feetand her handsome stranger is the Sheikh.

Philippe Sabon has worked hard for his country, but an accident has left him vulnerable to his critics. He believes that Gretchen can help him take the wind out of his enemies sails. Neither of them counted on falling in love. Nor had they ever witnessed the healing powers of true love.

Although Ms. Palmer often feels the need to tell too much of the back story of each character rather than giving their actions a chance to define them to readers, she does deliver a love story that is pure and enjoyable. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson