Image of Lord of the Desert


Image of Lord of the Desert
LORD OF THE DESERT (4.5) by Nina Bruhns: Hired to find the tomb of Lt. Rhys Kilpatrick, an English lord who disappeared 125 years earlier, Gillian Halliday meets Rhys -— only he’s alive and serving the immortal vampire demigod high priest Seth-Aziz. Immortal shapeshifter Rhys is taxed by his lord to bring Gillian to their underground city to act as his consort. But Gillian and Rhys are in love and desperate to find a way out of their situation. The duo heads to the city of Seth’s greatest enemy to find Gillian’s mother, who disappeared 20 years earlier. Bruhns has created an entire new mythology based on Egyptian legends for readers. The secret sects and their immortal vampire leaders are a novel adaptation of a vampire romance. The scene is perfectly set for a second story.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay