Brand "the Passionate" is known for his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedroom. But the Norman knight meets his match in an English beauty, Lady Brynnafar Dumont, who will do whatever she must to save her home from the usurper who nearly killed her father.

Determined to take the land that is rightfully his by the laws of defeat, Brand is struck by Brynna's hostility. She tries to ignore Brand, concentrating on her hatred. But when he scorns her, wounding her pride, she seeks revenge.

Brynna plots to use her feminine wiles to captivate Brand and then turn him away. But she gets caught in her own trap when Brand proves how well he lives up to his sobriquet.

This enticing medieval harkens back to the classic tales of the '80s. Fast-paced and brimming with biting, sexy repartee and a sensual cat-and-mouse game, this is the kind of book that Quinn is so good at writing, and readers are so happy to enjoy. SENSUAL (Aug., 352 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin