The wonderfully talented Lynn Kerstan makes a superb debut in Signets quality Regency series.

What does a spy do when the battles are over and the peace begins? That question, among others, plagues Charles Everett, Lord Dragoner, after Napoleon is exiled to Elba and the Duke of Wellington becomes the diplomatic ambassador to France. Of course, he could remain undercover as a disgraced officer who once flirted with treason to foil the inevitable plots against Wellingtons life

First, however, he must reluctantly return to England and put an end to the disastrous marriage arranged by his now deceased parents. Surely Delilah, the cherished daughter of a wealthy cit, has no interest in continuing the farce of their wedded union. Little does he anticipate that this remarkable woman will change his life completely.

Loving this complicated man has never been easy, but Delilah will take any risk to call his heart her own.

Ms. Kerstan surrounds her complex and fascinating hero with a bittersweet ambiance almost haunting in quality, while her courageous heroine will win every readers heart. A bravura work, indeed! (Nov., 221 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer