A sweeping tale of fantasy and danger heralds the arrival of a new talent. The promising Wilson carefully embellishes her magically based world, providing rich depth and scope. This first novel sets up what promises to be an especially exciting series.

After nearly destroying the world a thousand years ago in a bitter war with the evil Elden Mages, shapeshifting Rainier Tairen Soul, the King of the Fey, has kept his distance from humans. Circumstances now force Rain into taking radical steps to save the Tairen race. He heads to the mortal city of Celieria, where he unexpectedly discovers his shei'tani, or truemate, in the form of Ellysetta Baristani.

Although she was raised by loving adoptive parents, Ellie's birth parentage remains a mystery. As far as Rain is concerned, Ellie is his destined mate, and he would just take her back to the Fading Lands, but politics becomes an obstacle. Rain suspects the machinations of dark Elden Mages, but finding proof before disaster strikes may be difficult. (LEISURE, Oct., 385 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith