The third and final volume of the Viking saga whisks readers into a time and place where love and magic mix together into a frothy romance.

Though a slave, Cleve of Malverne has been entrusted with the delicate negotiations of a betrothal agreement between William of Normandy and the Princess Chessa. Plagued by vague dreams of another time and place, Cleve is tormented more by Chessa's blatant interest in him.

When she is abducted by her erstwhile suitor, Ragnor of York, Cleve is honor bound to retrieve William's bride. However, Chessa, Cleve and Ragnor all end up on Hawkfell Island where circumstances and many strange complications force Cleve to marry Chessa.

Yet, their marriage opens more doors to the past as Chessa and Cleve set out to Scotland and the Loch Ness to uncover the past and reclaim his legacy. Chessa's magical powers and love for Cleve are put to the test as she does her utmost to help the one and only man she loves claim his rightful place.

Readers unfamiliar with Catherine Coulter's other Viking romances (Lord of Hawkfell Island and Lord of Raven's Peak) may feel a bit out of place with LORD OF FALCON RIDGE, as the characters from all the stories descend upon Cleve and Chessa in this complex and tightly-plotted romance. Though Ms. Counter's mischievous sense of humor glistens throughout the tale, much of the story is difficult to follow and readers unfamiliar with the characters will never truly feel involved. SENSUAL (Apr., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin