Sir Lucien Knight is not what he seems to be. He appears to be a man ruled by his senses, so much so that he has created a place for the crhme de la crhme of society to indulge in every conceivable sensual pursuit. In truth, he is working for the Secret Service to ferret out traitors to the crown.

His plans seem to be moving along perfectly until innocent Alice Montague enters his domain. Alices deathbed promise to her brother sends her into Luciens den looking for her sister-in-law, Lady Caroline, to come home to care for Caros sick son. Instead, she becomes Luciens guest in exchange for allowing him to send Caro home.

Alice does not know what to make of Lucien, yet there is no denying his sexual magnetism or the vulnerable side that he displays when they are alone together. Torn between telling Alice the whole truth and having to disguise his mission, Lucien leads them both into danger.

For those readers who enjoy a Robin Schone-style fantasy, Gaelen Foleys latest tale is sure to please. The strong, three-dimensional characters, the overpowering sensuality and the poignancy of the story stir the heart and the senses. Enjoy, savor and cherish this keeper. SENSUAL (Jan., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin