Image of Lord of Fire and Ice


Image of Lord of Fire and Ice

A vixen and a Viking warrior match wits and kisses in Mason and Marlowe’s second book as partners. The story is compelling with a rich narrative, strong characters and non-stop action. This is a tale of greed, revenge, justice and desire. Readers will enjoy a feisty, confident heroine and the courageous hero who willingly stands at her side through the good and the bad.

Brandr Ulfson is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Katla the Black lost her husband to his father and will take her revenge on the son. Yet, her handsome new thrall challenges her at every turn and, in a strange turn of events, Katla chooses him as her next husband. The woman has enslaved him, insulted him and bewitched him, but Brandr willingly takes her to wife. The newlyweds discover a grand passion as spurned suitors turn into deadly enemies bent on war and destruction. It is their love and fortitude — and a little magic — that will win the day. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer