Image of Lord of the Forest (Elementals, Book 3)


Image of Lord of the Forest (Elementals, Book 3)

The third installment of Thompson's Elementals series is enjoyable but less than satisfying. The story has well-written action and interesting characters that unfortunately don't make up for the few erotic scenes and the lack of a fully developed romance.

Marius, Lord of the Forest, is wearied by the thought of another midsummer revel that includes extraordinary sexual feats by him. But when Linnea the Huntress finds him in his secret pool, his interest in celebrating the summer solstice is renewed.

But evil, led by the shapeshifting demon Ravelle, is stalking the Forest Isle. The two lovers are so wrapped in a sensual fog and miss the signs of an impending battle. Marius' enemies capture him in his centaur form and transport him to the land of men. It's up to Linnea to help him. (APHRODISIA, Jan., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison