Alexandre Chaubere is tired of living. Unfortunately a chemical formula he developed three hundred years earlier has rendered him unable to die. Alexandre and his friend Gilbert Du Berry both took an elixir that has put their body systems into near hibernation. One unfor-tunate side effect is the inability to physically love a woman. For decades Alexandre has searched for a cure for his immortality to no avail. The most recent promising development may come from an extract from an ancient lily plant. With any luck this deadly poison will kill him and end his lonely suffering.

Single mother Olivia Travanelle desperately needs a job to support herself and her ten-year-old son Richie. The ad requesting the services of a landscape artist is just up her alley, but her interview with the mysterious Alexandre Chaubere makes her wary.

Despite her doubts, Olivia accepts the position and she and Richie move onto Chaubere's vast Charleston Estate. From the first, Olivia and Alexandre strike sparks off each other, but his hot/cold attitude and her distrust of men leave little room for a relationship. Unexpectedly Alexandre begins suffering from extremely painful physical attacks. Is the potion from the lily finally working, or is the racking pain somehow related to his emotional feelings for Olivia?

When Olivia's ex-husband shows up demanding custody of Richie, Alexandre is the only one who can help her fight. But can Olivia trust him? At least one neighbor thinks he is a vampire. If she does discover the truth, can she accept it?

Patricia Simpson will thoroughly delight her readers with her newest tale of emotional love, loss and immortality. LORD OF FOREVER is a mesmerizing piece of fiction which will deliver hours of reading pleasure. (Sept., 400pp, $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith