Like its companion piece, Lord of Fire, LORD OF ICE is scintillating, fast-paced and intriguing, filled with passionate, lively characters and a highly romantic story.

Lord Damien Knight, Earl of Winterly, is haunted by what he has seen and done during the Napoleonic Wars. To the world he presents a picture of arrogance and coldness, living as a near recluse, until he is informed that he has become guardian to penniless 19-year-old Miranda FitzHurbert.

Living and working at a school run by the lecherous Rev. Reed, Miranda's only escape is secretly acting in the theater. One night following a performance, she is rescued from outlaws by a stranger who tries to seduce her.

Miranda is stunned when the enigmatic stranger arrives to claim her as his ward. Lively and beautiful, she is a temptation Damien does not want. The desire that sparks between them puts his reclusive life at risk.

As Miranda shares Damien's anguish and teaches him to reach out to another with love, she must battle unknown enemies who would see her dead instead of wed to Damien.

From the first page Gaelen Foley captures you in her web of passion and suspense. You are the fly ensnared in her engrossing, completely absorbing read as she captures the aura of the era, creating living, breathing characters and a memorable tale of love and redemption. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin