The fabulous talent of Rita Boucher is on dazzling display in her newest Regency fantasy romance.

The chief mage of England has lost his magic. But Damien, Lord Wodesby, direct descendant of the Merlin, counts the cost worthwhile to see Napoleon defeated at last. And if he can no longer weave spells, he can at least use his talent for illusions to search out the traitor who is leaking information about Bonaparte's captivity that just might set off another war.

Arriving at the country estate of the chief suspect, a widower of impeccable reputation, Damien makes the acquaintance of the governess, Mrs. Penham, a seemingly meek and mild-mannered widow. One dark and stormy night, however, he discovers that there's far more to the lady than he initially thought. But even he does not guess the secret she hides and the choices he will have to make...

A mesmerizing and powerful love story, this wonderful tale offers an outstanding reading experience. (June, 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer