It takes a talented and clever writer to move a secondary character (one some might consider unlikable) into the limelight and leave readers eager for more. That's what Gabaldon has done with Lord John, a complex character torn between good and evil, loyalty
and desire, country and family. Through him, Gabaldon takes us into the 18th century and fires our imagination.

Though a minor character in the Outlander books, Lord John has come into his own. The third in this series is a trio of novellas centering on the soldier/investigator/hero. In "Lord John and the Hellfire Club," his search to expose the killer of a government official leads to an ancient abbey, where a secret society plots treason and practices debauchery.

In the somewhat humorous "Lord John and the Succubus," he uses his military training and wiles to face down a succubus attacking his battalion's encampment. "Lord John and the Haunted Soldier" has our hero investigating the death of a fellow officer after an unexplained cannon explosion. (Delacorte, Dec., 302 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin