As the King's champion, Renald de Lise arrives just after Lady Claire's beloved father, Clarence of Summerbourne's, death. Because of her father's involvement in a rebellion, Claire and her home are now forfeit to the King and the man he has sent to claim them.

Claire discovers that though Renald is a proud and powerful warrior he is also a man who has worked his way to the top and will stop at nothing to gain control of that which has been granted by the crown. He must claim Claire as his bride. She soon understands that she cannot outwit him and that he is a man whose passion and sensual assault on her senses leave her breathless. She is his wife in all ways and would be his soulmate except for the terrible secret Renald carries.

Once Claire learns of his role in her father's death, she craves vengeance against the man who is legally her husband and the keeper of her heart.

Jo Beverly brings the 12th century to life in a vivid portrayal of a highly romantic story that captures the era with all its nuances, pageantry and great passion. Claire and Renald are people of their era, but characters we can respect and admire. LORD OF MIDNIGHT is a real treat for medieval readers. SENSUAL (May, 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin