A stunning portrait of the dangers of loyalty and the price of illicit love, LORD OF THE MIST pulls back the velvet curtain on life in Medieval England to reveal treachery, triumph and the hearts capacity for hope.

It is a time of great unrest as King John plans war against Philip of France. Durand de Marles adulterous wife has died in childbirth. However, he did not love this women and is certain the child is not his.

He soon meets and becomes intrigued by the childs wet nurse, Christina, a merchants wife. Her cruel husband, Simon le Gros, will do anything to gain a charter from the Baronincluding stealing the gift that a smitten Durand gives to Christina.

Disaster occurs when Simon accuses Christina of helping Durand and going against the King. Beneath the rulers capricious eye, Christina stands trial. When Durand steps forward to champion her in a contest of arms, those who had once betrayed him attempt to kill him againonly Christinas bravery saves him. But she is exiled for her efforts.

Durand sets himself against the erratic monarch, but the King outwits him, taking his children hostage. Hope glimmers in the whispers of an allys uncommon marriage, but first Durand must choose to fight beside John and marry the Kings choice to ensure that his sons will inherit, or lose forever the woman who rules his heart.

With a plot as detailed as treasured tapestry, Ms. Lawrence continues to seduce us into her opulent worlds of strong, admirable characters and a story that embodies the best of the romance genre. The brutal world of the medieval knight struggling for freedom to love who he likes is brought to exquisite life and guarantees you wont sleep until you finish reading! SENSUAL (Jul., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black