One of the most charming new voices in the Regency genre returns with another engaging romance of a determined young miss and an irresistible earl out to protect her in spite of her vexation.

She literally fell at his horses feet. But one glimpse of her pale oval face has his heart skipping a beat. Luke Travell, Earl of Mumford, has finally met the one woman from whom he cant walk away.

Miss Cassie Stanholte is, of course, grateful that his lordships carriage did not run her down. But does the large gentleman have to follow her around and interfere in her quest to locate an actress who might know the true identity of the woman whos claiming that her son is the rightful owner of Cassies estate?

But even saving her life several times over does not justify the earls whisking her off to take part in the London Season under the aegis of a carefully chosen chaperone. Just what is his interest really, and how will she manage to protect her heart?

Although transitions are occasionally rough, Ms. Raleigh demonstrates a sure hand with romantic chemistry, creating delicious interplay between her wonderfully appealing lovers. (Aug., 222 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer