Nympha Herbert is excited to care for an elderly great aunt whom she's never met. Life in her small town offers little diversion from her disappointment over not catching Lord Stanhope's eye. Stanhope's brother, Lord Nicholas, is well aware that Nympha has designs on catching his older brother's eye. But when he encounters her in an overturned carriage, he's the one who suddenly feels the need to protect her. Especially when Mr. Milburn joins their party—there is something about the other man Nick doesn't trust. As Nympha is transformed from the rector's daughter into her wealthy great-aunt's heiress, can Nick convince her that his feelings are born of love, and not money? Emily Hendrickson spins an adventurous and exciting story for her readers in LORD NICK'S FOLLY (4). (Sep., 240 pp., 4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck