Ms. Lansdownes superior talent shines in her latest romantic adventure.

Who would have thought that the fortune of a handsome earl would depend on the squawking of a parrot named Lord Nightingale! But, thanks to his recently deceased aunts will, it does. The Earl of Wickenshire must teach the bird to sing or forfeit the inheritance that would allow him to restore his family estates.

Although instructing a macaw in the fine art of vocalization is not exactly the task Miss Serendipity Bedford expected to perform, she is nonetheless grateful for the opportunity to earn her keep. She does have her pride, after all, even if she has been forced to accept shelter from a distant cousin to avoid the unwanted attentions of her fathers heir.

Lord Nightingale, however, proves a most reluctant pupil. And as the deadline for demonstrating his musical abilities draws nigh, Serendipity discovers how much she truly cares about her benefactors welfare. Is there any way she can persuade the parrot to sing?

Ms. Lansdowne tickles our fancy with a charming blend of scintillating wit, a piquant plot and characters who will take permanent possession of your heart. (Aug., 251 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer