Fresh from his triumphant debut, Lord Nightingale climbs to new heights of glory as he plays matchmaker for Miss Eugenia Chastain and her grumpy new neighbor. All Edward Finlay, Marquess of Bradford, wants is peace and quiet. Renting a small country estate seems the perfect answer. Here he can nurse his beloved strawberry roan Nod back to health and start his search for his missing twin brother.

These best laid plans, however, do not take into account the assorted personages about to cross his path. First comes the little girl Delight, along with her dog and the parrot known as Lord Nightingale. And its love at first sight for the green-winged macaw, if not for the marquess as well.

But what really stirs Bradfords wary heart is Delights beloved Eugenia, a spinster lady whose gentle spirit is touched by the tragedy she sees in the marquess eye.

Not only does Ms. Lansdowne captivate us with her rambunctious menagerie, she brings us great joy as her gruff but gallant hero wins his well-earned hearts desire. (Sep., 254 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer