Image of The Lord-Protector's Daughter (Corean Chronicles)


Image of The Lord-Protector's Daughter (Corean Chronicles)

Modesitt reveals again why success
follows his novels. The characters are flawless, his worldbuilding continues to enchant and there is always plenty of conflict and mystery. A shockingly climactic ending disappoints in its obvious plug for (another) sequel, but the novel still engages.

The capital city of Lanachrona, Tempre, has lived peacefully for hundreds of years. It was built in a time no one can remember, and its structures seem indestructible. The Lord-Protector has watched over his people with care and respect all this time, but it seems such peace cannot last.

Mykella, the Lord-Protector's daughter, has uncovered a plot to steal from the treasury and assassinate her father and his heir. She also discovers her own talent and must find a way to use both that and her political savvy to save her father and their home. (TOR, Nov., 288 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs