Image of Lord of Rage


Image of Lord of Rage

LORD OF RAGE (4) by Jill Monroe: After her parents are killed and her brothers disappear in a palace coup, Princess Breena of Elden wanders the lands looking for someone who can help her find her brothers and regain what her family has lost. When she meets Osborn of Ursa, a berserker she’s only seen in her dreams, she wants his help to return home, but Osborn wants nothing to do with her — he and his two brothers have also been wandering ever since their own clan was killed. Fortunately for Breena, Osborn is unable to resist the attachment they formed when they met and loved in their dreams. The second exciting tale in the Elden storyline sparkles as the heat between her characters simmers. Monroe’s descriptions are rich and clear; one can almost see Breena and Osborn as well as the lands they travel.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay