Image of Lord Rakehell


Image of Lord Rakehell

Known for both saucy, sexy historical romances and accurate fictionalized historical biographies, Henley delivers the fourth and final volume of her Peers of the Realm quartet. Here is a sumptuous portrait of Victoria’s court before and after Prince Albert’s death. Not only is there a feisty heroine and lusty hero, but lush descriptions of a court rife with rumor and romance between ladies in waiting and courtiers. Henley paints with broad strokes and leaves readers with a wondrous picture of the era.

Since the day Lord James Hamilton lifted Lady Anne Curzon-Howe’s chin and told her she was beautiful, Anne has been in love. James, heir to the Duke of Abercorn and the Prince of Wales’ newly appointed attendant, is a well-known rake — at times leading the prince astray. Yet when he again meets Anne, James becomes obsessed with her. He does his best to woo her, not knowing that his younger brother is among Anne’s many suitors. Anne is a lovely wild Irish rose in a cool English court. She is not only a beauty; she is wise. When the prince marries, Anne becomes the future queen’s friend, designing her dresses and sharing her confidences. Still, James is always first in her heart. And though her father might accept his brother’s proposal, Anne will have none save James. (NAL, Nov., 432 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin