This novella is simply too short to
show any convincing character growth or depth. The vampire hero's secrets are too easily revealed and accepted by his mortal lady love. Also, the plot twists seem tired and predictable. To resound emotionally with readers, LaCroix's story should have been as
a full-length novel.

Lord Sancho is the last male in his family line, one cursed by vampire Vincente, who has tormented them for generations. He wreaks havoc on Lord Sancho's wedding night, leaving the groom a vampire.

Christine Parker works for the National Gallery and is studying Sancho's home for an upcoming exhibit. Deja vu makes her feel as if she's visited the castle before, and she senses a mysterious connection to it. But that connection turns dangerous when Vicente's revenge turns to her. (thedarkcastlelords.com, dl $2.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani