When Lady Elizabeth Barrington comes to Denver with her guardian, the Duke of Marlow, in search of Marlow's long lost grandson, Peyton Trevelyan, little does she expect to find a man like Ash MacGregor.

According to the Pinkerton's information, Ash can be none other than Peyton and once Marlow meets him he is convinced he is his grandson.

Ash cannot remember his past nor the parents he lost in an Indian raid when he was five. He has lost everyone he has cared about-his mother and father, the Cheyenne who raised him, the kindly mountainman who trained him, and others. He will not risk his heart again on something as far-fetched as being the grandson of a duke and falling in love with Miss Prim and Proper.

He relents to Marlow's suggestion that he spend six months in England because he loves Beth with an intensity that is overwhelming, but he fears he is not good enough for her.

Beth will give anything to break down the walls around Ash's heart and will not relent until she has won him. In the meantime there is someone with a dark secret, a secret they will do anything to keep from being revealed.

Ms. Dier weaves a tight tale using threads of colorful characters that intertwine and blend with dark and vibrant emotions to create a poignant tale. Ash and Beth's discovery of one another is the stuff of dreams, making LORD SAVAGE not only an uplifting story, but a must read. SENSUAL (Dec., 309 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox