Image of Lord Scandal (Book Two: Rakes of London)


Image of Lord Scandal (Book Two: Rakes of London)

Hughes' lusty, emotional second romance perfectly depicts the Georgian era in all its naughty glory -- with house parties, races, matchmaking, gossip rags and duels. This author is
on her way to stardom.

Gabriel Angelstone is a consummate rake whose belief that love ruins everything rules his life. Then he meets Imogen Mowbray, the infamous Portrait Divorcee. Imogen normally shuns society but has reluctantly agreed to attend a friend's house party. There she encounters Gabriel in the garden, and he's instantaneously smitten by the lovely nymph who flees his touch. Once she runs, he's determined to seduce her into his bed.

Imogen knows the pain of betrayal and scandal, and she refuses to open herself up to love. She has no idea how deep Gabriel's determination is or how strong her craving is for his touch. They begin a torrid affair, proving that bad can be good, but will the strength of their love protect them from ruin? (Zebra, Jun., 380 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin