Shimmering with a brilliant elegance, one of the great voices in romance casts a magic spell of enchantment over lucky readers in this sizzling duel of hearts.

Sebastian Leslie Guy de Ath Ballister, Marquess of Dain, has little patience with nitwits, a category in which Jessica Trent's foppish brother clearly belongs. The lady herself, however, is a far different matter. On their first encounter not only does she outsmart him in the acquisition of a valuable painting, but, worse yet, she clearly fails to be intimidated by his presence.

And what is Lord Beelzebub's reaction to this lovely bluestocking? Instant lust! How irritatingly inconvenient that Miss Trent is unquestionably a lady of quality and thus supposedly safe from a gentleman's dishonorable intentions. But is he safe from hers?

Jessica knows full well that she should have nothing to do with the arrogant marquess, but resisting the fascinating devil in actuality seems impossible. And when a malevolent meddler's scheme lands the tow of them in a compromising situation, she resorts to drastic measures to preserve her reputation and win his heart.

Ms. Chase is an exquisite storyteller who creates sharply original characters and moves them in new and exciting ways. One of the true treasures of the genre, she epitomizes the essence of excellence in every word she writes. Quality, thy name is Chase! (Jan., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer