Image of Lord Of The Sea


Image of Lord Of The Sea

Harmon’s grand entry in the Heroes of the Sea series has it all. There’s love and laughter, joy and pain. She evokes an emotional connection with each character on their journey through the story. Her use of nautical terms gives authenticity to this rousing pirate tale. This book will inspire interest in the others in the series.

Connor Merrick is a privateer and captain of the Kestrel, disabling British ships and appropriating their treasures, then appointing his men to sail them to distant ports. He’s working in the shadow of his father Brendan, who was a legend as captain of the Kestrel during the Revolutionary War. He also harbors a deep secret. On one of his ventures, he rescues Rhiannon Evans and her chaperone Alannah from pirates. Ironically, Alannah is sister to his very British brother-in-law. Despite that connection, Connor refuses to forgo capturing British ships. He’s also developing a tendre for Rhiannon that she returns. When caught in a compromising situation, they decide to marry. (DANELLEHARMON.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown