With sharp, sexy repartee, Quinn
livens up a sensual marriage-of-convenience plot. Readers will fly through
the pages and wiggle in their seats
as they long for a strong hero like Gareth ap Owain in their lives. Feast
on this medieval banquet!

Lady Tanon Risande remembers her childhood playmate Gareth, the man she was to wed until word of his death spread through England. Years later he returns, a seasoned warrior, to claim her as his bride. This new Gareth makes Tanon tremble with fear and longing when he wins her hand in a tournament. On their wedding night, she discovers her husband may have the reputation of a barbarian on the battlefield, but he is gentleness in the bedroom.

Together they travel to the wilds of Wales. Though Gareth is a prince, he does not possess great wealth, yet Tanon adores their humble home and her husband's love. Their marriage was one of political alliances, and there are many who want the fragile peace their union brings destroyed. With love as their greatest weapon Gareth and Tanon fight their enemies to secure peace and their lives. (Warner Forever, Dec., 322 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin